LGT 700 Transimission
If you could make a wish list for the best manual transmission, what would it look like? Would it include things like precise worry-free shifts, massive torque capacity, compact size, lightweight, appealing looks, compatibility with factory bellhousings, hassle-free installation and American made? If your answer is YES, then Legend Gear & Transmission is here to grant your wish.
The LGT-700 features rich with market leading attributes: Ultra Compact, Big Torque, Fully Synchronized, and High-Revving 5-Speed Overdrive Manual Transmission. Designed for High Performance Street and Track applications.

OEM Bell Housing Configurations


  • General Motors
  • Chevrolet
  • Buick
  • Oldsmobile
  • Pontiac Small/Big Block
  • Generation 3 LS V8 Engines

  • Chrysler Hemi (all generations)
  • RB/B Big Block
  • A/AL/Magnum Small Block
  • Ford T5 – Widely Used V8/V6/I4

  • Ford T5 – Widely used V8/V6/I4
  • Ford Small Block
  • Modular Late Model
  • 381 Series Big Block
  • FE Series Big Block
  • Cleveland
  • Windsor V8 Engines

LGT-700 Shift Positions

Efficient & Compact Design

Oversized Synchronizer System featuring the latest High Energy Absorption Carbon Kevlar Synchro Friction Liner material bonded to precision machined Forged Steel Alloy Blocker Rings hooked to Matched Set Hub & Sleeves sporting Billet Steel Synchro Struts – provides low shift effort and high 7500 rpm shifts even in 5th gear for the life of the transmission.
  1. Helical Ground Gears, optimized tooth mesh macro-geometry and shot peened for high torque loading while providing quiet operation in all gears. ISO9000 Compliant
  2. Field Interchangeable Clutch Releaser Provision (Mechanical or Hydraulic)
  3. Ultra Low Profile Thick Wall Aluminum Alloy Main Case & Bearing Midplate (Class AA Grade) Maintains shaft rigidity under high load
  4. Synchromesh in all gears, including Reverse – synchromesh reverse makes parking lot maneuvers quicker, easier and quieter

Advanced Shift System Architecture

With Linear Motion Bearings, Guided Shift Gate Track and large Cam Follower Bearing – provides fluid, confidence inspiring shifts in all gates.
  1. Precision cast 4140 steel Shift Forks with Bronze Fork Pads
  2. Shift Rail
  3. Shaft Gate Track

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